StageAgent Helps Improve Student Literacy in the Dramatic Arts


Show guides & character breakdowns

Expert-written guides about plays, musicals, and operas make it easy to conduct theatre-related research. Since StageAgent is an online resource, guides can be accessed from any internet-connected device.

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Monologues, songs, & scenes

StageAgent makes finding audition and practice materials a breeze. While StageAgent does not replace the library, our tools help make trips to the library more efficient and effective.

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Keyword search & bookmarking

StageAgent content is tagged by keyword allowing users to search by themes and characteristics. Keyword results help users discover relationships between theatrical materials.

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Self-paced quizzes & progress reporting

Ensure knowledge comprehension with fun, self-paced quizzes that earn students points and badges. Teachers can view and download reports to show progress toward student learning objectives.

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Class management

Using your StageAgent teacher dashboard, you can easily add students and grant them access to StageAgent’s tools and content. Organize students into groups and set monthly quiz point goals to help keep students motivated.

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Lesson plan library

Enjoy access to dozens of lesson plans aligned to National and State standards. Plans cover subjects ranging from Shakespeare to how to choose an audition piece. Each plan includes detailed instructions, learning objectives, preparation guidance, and printable handouts.

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COPPA/FERPA privacy protections

We value student privacy and collect no personally identifiable information about students. StageAgent for Schools was built to be safely used in academic environments.