Theatre teachers and administrators love StageAgent for Schools

Teacher Testimonials

Lisa Cotie

Lead Curriculum Writer for Theatre

Dallas ISD, Dallas, Texas

"It has become essential now in Dallas ISD for all of our theatre teachers."

Thomas Viking

K-12 Fine Arts Program Coordinator

Pasco County Schools, Land O’ Lakes, Florida

"The information you have on your platform would take us 3 or 4 text books to be able to compile all that information."

Becky Williams

Theatre Teacher

Cyprus High School, Magna, Utah

"It’s a time-saver for me so I can get back to teaching the core standards."

John Hopkins

District Drama Coordinator

Berkley School District, Berkley, Michigan

"It's almost like it’s a video game. It’s something they do for pleasure...that actually gives them more knowledge."

Rebecca Maymi

Theatre Teacher

Conrad High School, Dallas, Texas

"The kids are .... quite a bit more excited about theatre because of the things they’ve learned on StageAgent."

Theatre Educators Love StageAgent